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  • 1948 Olympic Canoe/Kayak Team

    Frank Havens back row, 3rd from right.
  • Winning Silver in 1948

    Frank winning Silver in the Men's C1 10,000m.
  • Frank Havens finished 2nd in the 10,000-meter solo race to Frantisek Capek of Czech in the 1948 London Olympics. Norman Kane of Canada came in 3rd to take the bronze. (Photo by: Associated Press)
  • Havens medals

    Havens’ silver medal from the 1948 London and gold from the 1952 Helsinki Games in the solo 10,000-meter canoe race. (Photo Courtesy: Priscilla Knight)
  • Brothers Frank and Junior Havens

    Brothers Frank and Junior Havens, second and third from left, competing in 1947. (Photo Courtesy: Priscilla Knight).
  • 2006 National Championships

    Frank (#2) in C4 with Miroslaw Podloch (#1), Dan Havens (#3) and Jim Ross steering.
  • Frank and son Dan Havens

    Frank (front) and son Dan Havens in some crazy race in a boat made by Dan, most likely!