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Past Events


Frank Havens with Olympic Flag

Remebering Frank Havens

Four-time Olympian, Frank Havens (1923-2018) the WCC Gold Medalist from 1952, died  July 22, 2018, just days before his 94 birthday. More...

Ian Ross C2

A Paddling Trifecta

In one weekend in September, 2018, WCC captured medals in three parts of world: Hawaii, Ireland, and Canada. Elsewhere WCCers challenged the local teams in outrigger and standard  canoe. But at the Pan American Championship in Halifax, Ian Ross and Ann Armstrong carried on a century-old WCC tradition—sprint canoeing. More...

Rope rigging closeup

Rigging the OC-6 Canoes

The docks are back and it’s time to start the OC-6 season! This begins with the rigging of the canoes.
Most teams on the East Coast rig with straps, but WCC likes to rig with rope. More...

Pailolo 2018 Wahini

Pailolo 2018: Recounting the WCC Women’s Epic Race in Hawaii

4,700 miles away from home. Towering 10 foot waves. No back-up crew or support boat; only 6 paddles and tired muscles to cover 26 miles of open ocean. This has the makings of a great adventure story—and is exactly what happened to the WCC women’s outrigger racing team. Their trip to Hawaii for the Pailolo Challenge this year is one they’ll never forget. More...

Juniors race start 2018

WCC Juniors compete in the 2018 ACA Sprint National Championships

 A two-part series by Liz Pennisi

In the middle of the dog days of a hot D.C. summer, 15 WCCers headed to Oklahoma City for the 2018 ACA Sprint National Championships, the premiere flatwater sprint race in the United States. Here are the stories of two of the five juniors (ages 12 to 16) who represented the club in Oklahoma City August 1 to 4. In part two of the series, we will catch up with the other three after the race.  More...

Ann Armstrong C1

WCC Middle States Regatta

Middle States Regatta has morphed through the ages.  New events, different competitors help long-time traditions keep up with the times. More...

Dinner crowd 2018

2018 Sunset Dinner Fundraiser

A good time was had by all who attended the island-themed event to raise much-needed funds for boathouse restoration. More...

Clinton team 2018

The General Clinton Regatta

Spring is here, which means WCC made the annual pilgrimage to Oneonta, NY to race on the Susquehanna River in the General Clinton Canoe Regatta.

This year, WCC sent nine teams, including a junior’s team, for a total of 59 competitors, varying in age and coming from every discipline of paddling in the club. More...

Holiday video still

Check out WCC's Holiday video from 2018!


John Lederer in a sprint kayak

Remembering John Lederer

A tribute from Sheila Brady.


WCC's boathouse restoration project made front-page news.

The  April 2017 edition of The Northwest Current, a community newspaper, includes an article that gave important exposure to local efforts. 

Boathouse Rehabilitation Committee Chairman Chris Brown helped provide perspective, noting the Club's commitment to preserving our historic landmark building, continuing our community events and outreach and promoting paddle sports on the Potomac for recreational users and athletes.

Dinner crowd 2017

2017 Sunset Dinner Fundraiser

The event on Saturday, June 17, 2017 celebrated the arrival of the Polynesian voyaging canoe, Hokule’a, to her home port in Hawaii after a three year voyage. More...