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Cold Weather Paddling

Paddling friends we at WCC are fortunate that we get to paddle year round even when other clubs and venues like Key Bridge Boathouse and Thomson's have closed for the season. As of mid November the river temperatures have fallen below 50 f. Please be mindful that from now on, regardless if the air temps are "warm"; the river has become dangerous. Basic safety recommendations:

-wear appropriate gear
-wear a lifejacket
-always paddle near shore 
-avoid paddling alone
-lights on your craft in low visibility situations
-be honest with yourself about your skill level and ability to self-rescue

-consider the conditions carefully and err on the side of caution if things look "iffy"

Paddlers have emergencies in cold weather climates every year. Please don't think it can't happen to you.

Enjoy the river but stay safe!

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