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WCC Safety Rules During the covid-19 emergency

These new safety rules are mandatory. If you are not certain that you can follow them then do not use the club until the emergency is over. All members should feel empowered to (gently) say something to anyone observed in violation of them.

Please understand that these restrictions are about far more than reducing personal risk. It’s part of a critical social contract to protect the larger community, the vulnerable, and the health system. To some these measures may seem extreme. After reviewing what the most credible experts are saying and seeing what is already happening in other parts of the world, we assure you they are not.

So, until further notice:

    •    For social use the club is closed.
    •    For paddling, as individuals or in small groups, the club remains open with the limitations detailed below.

In other words, there is to be no hanging out at the club. Paddle and leave.

All races and social events planned for the next two months are canceled. For those events that are further out we will decide later but consider it likely that there will be no events this spring, and possibly into the summer or longer.


    •    Single person boats only. No multi-person boats are to be used UNLESS everyone on board is part of a cohabiting family or couple (you all live together so you’re already exposed to each other daily).
    •    Small groups of up to FOUR persons may paddle together but a strict minimum distance of 6’ between people must be maintained on the water, on the dock, and on land. A distance of 10’ is preferred.
    •    No more than four persons may be on the dock at one time. This includes people in their boats at the dock. Be patient and wait if you must. Don’t waste time on the dock.
    •    The boathouse will remain open but be very careful when entering to ensure that you will not walk into someone. Get what you need and exit the building immediately.
    •    For safety reasons the gym is closed.
    •    The refrigerator will be cleaned out and locked.
    •    The grills are not to be used.
    •    All members must bring their own hand sanitizers and disinfectant spray or wipes.
    •    Use the spray or wipes on the chain link fence gate, lock, and chain before and after each time you touch it. Do the same with the drive-through gate.
    •    IMPORTANT: Spray and/or wipe down all club gear that you touch or use, including paddles and boats/boards, before AND after you use it.


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