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WCC COVID reopening

Effective March 12, 2021
As we enter the spring 2021 paddling season, we are issuing this update to Club COVID-19 safety policies which follow federal and local guidelines. Per  D.C. Mayor’s Order 2020-119, issued November 23, 2020, indoor gatherings of more than 10 people and outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. WCC leadership will continue to monitor club usage and adjust on a monthly basis. Our goal is to start conservatively and work toward a more “normal” social functioning as vaccinations progress and if case numbers continue to fall.
Thank you to all WCC members for your patience and cooperation with the restrictions in place thus far. They enabled us to keep WCC open throughout 2020. The ONLY boathouse to do so.  With your cooperation, we found the right balance between safety and our use and enjoyment of the club. We know you will continue to be responsible.

Reopening Rules

Continue social distancing:  Keep at least 6 feet between you and anyone you do not live with.

Face masks:  Strongly encouraged at the club when not eating or drinking. Let’s continue to protect each other.

Be aware of peak use times: Non-competitors be aware that the peak group training times at the club are Monday and Wednesday evenings 5-8pm, and weekend mornings 8am-noon. If you can avoid those days/times and can conveniently paddle other days or times, please do; it will help lower the overall numbers at any one time.

Guest limit:  No more than two guests per member. The goal is to keep the overall numbers down to make social distancing possible.

Two-person boats are permitted*:  Two-person boats are allowed but this is an individual member decision relating to your own health, safety, and risk tolerance. No fours, OC-6’s, or war canoes for now. (Hopefully this will change in the near future.) OC-2's and two-person canoes are permitted. Masks are encouraged for non-competitive paddlers in the same boat who do not live together (generally not breathing as heavily).

[*A rare exception on the big boats: WCC has a few families who can actually paddle fours or OC-6’s. This is still permitted. Also, a couple with a child (three people) is permitted in a canoe.]

Congregate in groups of ten or less:  Whether at a table or in just in chairs, please limit groups to no more than ten people, and wear masks.

No parties:  Party requests will NOT be approved until further notice (no birthdays, graduations, multi-family, -member parties, etc.).

Use of the picnic tables is permitted:  Staying six feet away from others at a table is impossible so table use by non-cohabiting members is discouraged but permitted (it is permitted for outdoor dining in D.C. so we won’t disallow it). Wear masks when not eating/drinking.

Use of the grills is permitted:  We will space them out.

Weight room:  Still closed. Sorry.

Stay away if sick…with anything!  This should be obvious.

Members or guests who have tested positive for COVID-19: If you have been at the club when you may have been or know you were infected, please let someone on the Board know so we can engage in contact tracing to let others know if they may have been exposed. We will protect your privacy as best as possible.


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