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WCC COVID reopening

Effective April 6, 2021
As we enter the spring 2021 paddling season, we are issuing this update to Club (and team boat) COVID-19 safety policies which follow federal and local guidelines. Per  D.C. Mayor’s Order 2021-038, issued March 17, 2021. WCC leadership will continue to monitor club usage and adjust on a monthly basis. Our goal is to start conservatively and work toward a more “normal” social functioning as vaccinations progress and if case numbers continue to fall.
Thank you to all WCC members for your patience and cooperation with the restrictions in place thus far. They enabled us to keep WCC open throughout 2020. The ONLY boathouse to do so.  With your cooperation, we found the right balance between safety and our use and enjoyment of the club. We know you will continue to be responsible.

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