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The Washington Canoe Club has drafted reopening guidance for members and guests. Read the complete list, continue to stay safe, and enjoy the river.

 Competition. Community. History.

Established in 1904, the Washington Canoe Club is a community of volunteers passionately dedicated to preserving, promoting and engaging in paddlesports on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. WCC’s boathouse, over a century old, is an iconic historic landmark serving as a base for its members to train for competition, paddle for recreation, and host community, educational and charitable groups.

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What's New?

Save the Date!

November 19, 2020 – 7 p.m.
The WCC Virtual Annual Meeting and Election of New Officers

The meeting will take place virtually via Zoom. Details will be forthcoming and the entire membership is strongly urged to attend.



The pandemic is far from over in this region.

Phase 1 reopening at WCC follows a nationwide pattern of beginning to return to some normalcy. As all area jurisdictions are doing, WCC leadership will monitor club usage and reevaluate the policy if necessary. The new rules are posted at the club and on the News and Events page.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation with the initial restrictions from March through July. Let's continue to stay safe and enjoy the club.

D.C. citywide curfews include wcc

The boathouse will close in accordance with any curfew order enacted in the District. Should the dates and times change under the order, they change for WCC as well. From a practical perspective you should leave the club in time to get home or out of the District before the curfew starts.

Take the WCC Inaugural Paddle Fit challenge

The goal is to paddle 1,000 miles or more in 2020!
While the challenge was created with non-racing members in mind, it is open to any member who wants to take it on and is willing to log their mileage throughout the year.
To register: Sign up in the book outside the weight room and track your mileage on the pages provided. Any paddle powered craft of choice is fine (SUP, OC, canoe, kayak, etc. or a combination). Mileage paddled in team boats or off-site can be included.
If you have further questions, please email:

Boathouse Rehabilitation Update

Planning began in January on the next phase of WCC's ongoing story, and there are roles for every WCC member to be involved. Boathouse rehabilitation planning, ground and facilities preparation, and fundraising efforts will soon commence. As a volunteer-driven club, your engagement in the path forward will be essential to us all. Please begin to consider in which effort(s) you will take part.


December 12, 2019, is now a milestone day in the history of our 115-year-old club. Never before has the WCC had a tenure agreement for more than 5 years. Today our home is secure until 2080!

New boats & boards added to the fleet for 2020

In 2019 the club acquired two new 14.5' touring kayaks from Dagger. The Stratos model is designed to be enjoyed by beginners through advanced paddlers. It's a stable and maneuverable boat that still has surprisingly good speed. An adjustable drop skeg aids tracking (going straight) in crosswinds. If members like this sort of boat we will get more!

NOAA Tide Schedule

Paddling Weather


Show off your club spirit and look good doing it!