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The Washington Canoe Club has drafted reopening guidance for members and guests. Read the complete list, continue to stay safe, and enjoy the river.

 Competition. Community. History.

Established in 1904, the Washington Canoe Club is a community of volunteers passionately dedicated to preserving, promoting and engaging in paddlesports on the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. WCC’s boathouse, over a century old, is an iconic historic landmark serving as a base for its members to train for competition, paddle for recreation, and host community, educational and charitable groups.

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What's New?

The WCC History Book is here!

Images of America: Washington Canoe Club
By Chris Brown

The book is available for purchase (all proceeds from the sale will go to the boathouse restoration fund). Or donate $250 or more to the restoration fund and receive a complimentary signed copy.

Head over to our history page and watch Chris Brown's Virtual Book Talk that was given via Zoom on December 3, 2020.

Spring 2021 Updated Rules for COVID-19 REOPENING


As we enter the spring paddling season, we are issuing this update to Club COVID-19 safety policies which follow federal and local guidelines. Per  D.C. Mayor’s Order 2020-119, issued November 23, 2020, indoor gatherings of more than 10 people and outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people are prohibited. WCC leadership will continue to monitor club usage and adjust on a monthly basis. Our goal is to start conservatively and work toward a more “normal” social functioning as vaccinations progress and if case numbers continue to fall.

New rules are posted at the club and on the News and Events page.

Thank you,  WCC members for your patience and cooperation with the restrictions in place thus far. They enabled us to keep WCC open throughout 2020. The ONLY boathouse to do so.  With your cooperation, we found the right balance between safety and our use and enjoyment of the club. Let's keep it up!

Take the WCC 2021 Paddle Fit challenge

The goal is to paddle 1,000 miles or more in 2021!
While the challenge was created with non-racing members in mind, it is open to any member who wants to take it on and is willing to log their mileage throughout the year.
To register: Sign up in the book outside the weight room and track your mileage on the pages provided. Any paddle powered craft of choice is fine (SUP, OC, canoe, kayak, etc. or a combination). Mileage paddled in team boats or off-site can be included.
If you have further questions, please email:


December 12, 2019, is now a milestone day in the history of our 115-year-old club. Never before has the WCC had a tenure agreement for more than 5 years. Today our home is secure until 2080!

NOAA Tide Schedule

Paddling Weather

NEW WCC branded items are now available in our seasonal Squad Locker stores!

Show off your club spirit and look good doing it!
In an effort to increase the variety of WCC branded "merch" for members of all ages (including infants and toddlers), the WCC shopkeepers have added new hats, shirts, leggings, bags, bibs, and more into two seasonal Squad Locker stores. Items will be periodically updated and changed, so keep checking back!

Visit the Fall/Winter Store.
Visit the Spring/Summer Store.