Welcome to the 2017 membership registration and dues payment process.  For 2017 and future years we will be using an online registration platform called SportsEngine.  The new platform will help the club track individual dues payments throughout the year, maintain an online membership database and communicate with our members in a more efficient manner.

There are a few reminders that we would like to highlight before you begin this process:

We will no longer accept personal checks for dues and payments:  All dues and boat storage payments must be made through SportsEngine.  Juniors Elite Sprint coaching fees, Masters Sprint coaching fees and Aquatic fees will be invoiced separately to individual members.                                  

Donations:  If you would like to make a donation to the Boat House Restoration, SportsEngine will allow for that during the registration process.  For the time being, we will also continue to have a donation link on our website that goes to Paypal for donations. 

Please verify that you have paid all your dues and boat fees for 2016 by December 31, 2016:  You should check your records and verify you have paid your full dues for 2016 (Family membership $1,100, Individual membership $770, Aquatic $300 and Nonresident membership $50).  Boat fees are $150 per boat (there is no charge if you have only one boat at the club). If you have not paid your full dues for 2016, you should make any remaining payments through PayPal.  Please do so by December 31, 2016

WCC will cancel all recurring PayPal payments scheduled to be made after December 31, 2016.

All members must register and pay dues (or sign up for a payment plan) on or before January 31, 2017.  There will be a $50 late fee assessed for members that have not registered by this date.

Registration Instructions

1.     Please follow SportsEngine links on our WCC dues page or this SportsEngine registration home page link.

2.     Welcome Page:  You should see two WCC pictures.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see a SportEngine sign up box.  If you don’t already have a SportsEngine account (for say one of your kid’s athletic teams), please create an account.

3.      SportEngine will send an activation link to your email address. 

4.     Once signed in to SportsEngine, scroll to the bottom of the welcome page, click on your name and Continue.

5.     Member Information:  This page is self-explanatory and requests basic member data.  In addition to basic name, address and email address information, we are collecting the following items:

a.     Whether or not you would like to receive WCC information via text message.

b.     Whether or not you plan to use boat storage.

                                               i.     If you plan to use boat/SUP storage, you will be prompted to enter in your boats stored at the club.  Please enter either “SUP” or “BOAT” at the beginning of the text box and then the make and model (e.g. SUP-ULI-Lopez).  Do this for each boat/SUP you have at the club. If your boat is not at the club but you have a designated spot, please enter information regarding the boat you intend to store at the club.

c.     We are trying to track how long our members have been associated with the organization, so please enter the approximate month and year you joined WCC (just enter the 1st of the month for the day).

d.     Please enter an area where you would like to volunteer.  If you don’t have a specific skill or area of interest, simply put “wherever needed”.  This will help our volunteer coordinator match skills with WCC needs.

e.     We will have an online membership directory (visible only to members), so if you’d like you information included, please check this box.

6.     Emergency &Medical Contact Information:  The page is self-explanatory.

7.     Registration Options:  Allows you to select the applicable membership payment option, boat fee and donation amount if so desired.

8.     Review:  Please make sure all information is correct and make edits as needed.  You can make edits by clicking on the yellow pencil Edit button.

9.     Shopping Cart:  Allows you to checkout.  We offer the ability to pay dues all at once (preferred) or in 4 installments.  Boat fees and donations are paid in full at checkout. 

10.  Checkout:  This will show your pending payments if you selected a payment plan for your dues.  You may use a credit card or checking account to pay your dues on this page. 

Thanks for your patience as we go through this new registration process. Should you have any comments or questions about the process, please email Jim Givens at treasurer@washingtoncanoeclub.org

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