WCC PayPal Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have provided some information specific to using the Friends of the Washington Canoe Club's PayPal™ Gateway to complete club dues or donations.

Do I have to have a PayPal™ Account?

No. You can complete any of the transactions through PayPal™ without a PayPal™ account. PayPal™ transactions have the option of being completed using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express without logging into PayPal™. Of course, it is faster to use a PayPal™ account. Also the links to use the option for paying without an account are not as obvious. See the specific questions below about paying for dues, events, or donations using a credit card.

Where is the link to pay by Credit Card?

After clicking the Checkout or PayPal™ button you will see a link labeled Don't have a PayPal account?. This will take you to the option to pay without opening a PayPal™ account.

Can I add multiple items into one transaction?

Yes. Say you wanted to take care you your membership dues and the donation cost towards the Crab Feast at the same time. Click the Add to cart button for one item. The new PayPal™ window will pop up. Return to the Friends Dues Page and click the button on the next item. Both items will be on the PayPal™ page ready to go.

Can I remove items after adding to my cart?

Yes. You will have multiple opportunities to remove or change the quantities of an intem before completing the transaction.

Do I really need to enter my address, phone number, and email?

Yes. Without entering an email, you will not receive a receipt for the transaction. This is required. Address and phone is required by the Friends of the Washington Canoe Club Treasurer to correlate your name with your membership in order to keep your information up to date.

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